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dollfaced killa [entries|friends|calendar]
renée marie

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[25 May 2007|07:26pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

going on friends only, again.

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[25 May 2007|02:37pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

*pants* I hate hotness. It makes my hair flat and my mood grouchy.

But there's one thing that makes me not grouchy. And that's having him :)

I've never been so happy. I just want it to be for reals!

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[25 May 2007|11:27am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I have so many postcards I want to send here.

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love you! [25 May 2007|10:56am]
[ mood | giddy ]

I love my Robot. Mine very own Robot :)

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[25 May 2007|10:53am]
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you know who you are! [24 May 2007|02:46pm]
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[24 May 2007|09:32am]
[ mood | bored ]

Okay, so I've most certainly consumed way too much sugar/caffeine since this morning started, and I really shouldn't eat another thing, in, like, ever.

Going to Annapolis Mall this coming week. Special things I want/need (mainly, a goregous set of green pvc pumps and a leopard print wardrobe!)

I love those adorable little BP commercials. Who knew filling your car up with gas could be so fun?

Ginger, update your frreaking journal. I know you're reading this.

I kinda wanna gauge my ears, but I'm too girly. I'm afraid I'll hate it after I do it :(

I'm bored.

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[23 May 2007|06:02pm]
[ mood | excited ]

"I loves me Renzie!"

I am now completed.
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[23 May 2007|02:20pm]
lj cut plz kthnxCollapse )
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[23 May 2007|01:11pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I just wanna take this opportunity to tell everyone how much I love Ginger.

When I'm aggitated, and being a shallow bitch and picking on people for things they can't help (because, hey, what's the fun in life if you can't make fun of someone else for being ugly?), she says things like:

"my name is olga, would you like a bratwurst?"

*sighs* I love you, girl.

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my guardian angel fell asleep on the watch; now all I got is a Barbie doll crotch [23 May 2007|11:49am]

It is clear that I must find my other half.
But is it a he or a she?
What does this person look like?
Identical to me?
Or somehow complimentary?
Does my other half have what I don't?
Did he get the looks? T
he luck?
The love?
Were we really separated forceably or did he just run off with the good stuff?
Or did I?
Will this person embarass me? What about sex?
Is that how we put ourselves back together again?
Or can two people actually become one again?
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[23 May 2007|10:09am]
I don't think that I really care for my haircut. It's too short. :(
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[21 May 2007|09:51pm]
new haaaaairs

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[21 May 2007|03:07pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Every lIttle word uttered makes me a Little mOre deVoted. I can't even bEgin to explain for fear of shaking it out of existance. Also for the reasonings of tact and not causing bullsHIt draMa.

Going home to play photo games.

Some crazy guy from Scotland gave me his business card today. From his website. LOLs ensured. The Andromeda Files

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promoting like i promised! [20 May 2007|04:50pm]
Go have a listen. Because I said so.

your shadow and its former self
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[20 May 2007|03:00pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Shopping with Cyndie last night. Bought...

. One green+black striped tshirt. I hate collars on tshirts, so I'm most likely going to cut that off and change it.
. One 1600's-style grave rubbing shirt with puffy sleeves.
. cheetah print w/ black trim top that shows way too much cleavage.
. comfy teal+black striped hoodie with too many zippers.
. undergarments, yaaay.
. finally made it to MAC, after bitching for a month I needed new eyeliner/ I lost my palettes (good job, Muffy.)

Left the mall (which I, btw, detest. Too many people in my face.) and went with Ginger, Anthony, Brina, and Jerry to see Shrek 3. Btw, I want a Wii. Hardcore. Tennis was fun ^^

Today's been boring. Just online, talking to my regular weekend iCompanions, having a headache, and freezing (why?) all day.

And, thank you, Mr. Britface, for getting that Rasmus song stuck in my head! I went and downloaded it :)

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[20 May 2007|11:51am]
[ mood | indifferent ]

I feel like my skin is too small for my body.

I need something bigger, better, brighter.

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quizzle dizzle [18 May 2007|05:42pm]
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[18 May 2007|03:30pm]
[ mood | loved ]

< bitching >

Okay. So. What's everyone's problems? I have been pissed off by so many different people that it's sick.

When I cut someone from my life, I have a bad habit of accepting them back, after years of hurt and being angry. Then, things are great for a while, and true colors come BLARING through again.

< / bitching >

< happiness >
I want everyone in the world to know what makes me wake up in the morning. What makes me roll over and hug my pillows and wish they'd come to life and hug me back.

Nothing's ever touched me like this before.

(thank you)

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[17 May 2007|03:52pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

boring day.


*sighs* Why do I get myself into the situations that I do? Je ne sais pas, mes amis. Je NE SAIS PAS. How can you miss something you've never ACTUALLY had?

Plz to be leaving work nao. It's so slow, and it's about to thunderstom, so it's going to be longer and slower and more boring.

I kinda want to go shopping. New undies+bras FTW? Also, manicure+get my hurrs did. I tried letting my real nails be, but, I just can't go without my Shaniqua nails.

i love you.

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